MRHT Community

Let's envision the next level of health insurance technology together.

MRHT Community is a platform, exclusively for our customers, where forward-thinking professionals come together to envision the next level of the health insurance technology.

Our members’ full dedication to creating a better insurtech future, their passion for knowledge, and their eagerness to be always ahead of the curve make this space such a dynamic community. Driven to deliver value, in this community, we nurture discussions and transform ideas into solutions that accelerate our customers’ business growth.

Step into the MRHT Community journey today!

Our first community event was held on October 21-23, 2019 in Athens, Greece.
The Project Spark Design Thinking Workshop included three days of creative activities, productive discussions, and inspiring and insightful presentations. The participants shared their experiences, insights, ideas, and real-life examples from using technology to achieve their business goals.
Moving forward, the results of this workshop will help us further pursue innovation.