Roundtable Discussion: Health Analytics Suite

Fraud, waste, and abuse have a tremendous impact on healthcare systems, causing financial losses of billions to (re)insurers and policyholders. Despite its efforts to battle fraud, the health insurance industry has not found an effective solution yet. From this challenge derived the idea about the Health Analytics Suite.

SMAART Presentation

SMAART (Sophisticated Monitoring And Analysis of Risk Tool) is MR HealthTech’s toolset for all stakeholders in the health insurance spectrum. It enables organizations to monitor, steer and grow their business efficiently using the latest technology. Omar Fayyad presents SMAART’s main functionalities and describes how Munich Re Underwriting Agents takes advantage of the product’s benefits.

Data Analytics at Munich Re

With the increasing digitalization and the rise of new data-driven business models, Data Analytics becomes more critical than ever across all industries. In the insurance industry, people with the right skills and state-of-the-art technology enable data-driven decision making and forward-looking portfolio steering. Dr. Fabian Winter provides an overview of the Munich Re Data Analytics approach […]

A SMART Insurer – A Practical Roadmap

According to Gartner, in three years from now, only 5% of insurers will have the organizational elements in place to be an “intelligent insurer”. While big data and its processing are important, intelligence is not just about using more data. It’s about making data actionable, managing it across the ecosystem, and adjusting the strategy over […]