Welcome to the Future of Health. Are you ready?

What will the future of health look like when certain healthcare tasks are taken over by digital healthcare providers and our hospitals make way for intelligent e-health applications? Technological developments in health are taking place at breakneck speed. Think telemedicine, wearables, brain implants that eliminate the effects of epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, and bioprinters that print […]

Trends in customer journey driven by services and digitalization

The customer journey in health insurance is in continuous development, being the driving factor in the decision-making process of buying insurance. Creating a product or adjusting an existing one should be driven mainly by the customer’s experiences and preferences through their interaction with an insurance organization. In this presentation, Tiberiu Maier discusses how adding out-of-the-box […]

Five Technology Trends That Impact the Insurance Industry

The insurance world is undergoing a profound change. Demanding customers, new competitors, and a changing set of challenges induce a disruption beyond digital. How will organizations manage to survive, evolve, and thrive in such an ever-changing environment? Watch Dr. Kurt Mitzner describe the most critical technology trends that directly impact the insurance industry.

Realizing the Promise of Digital Health

In the 2020 Big Data and AI will derive a tectonic shift in medical diagnosis and healthcare management, a paradigm change so drastic that insurers will be forced to re-assign risk assessment to assets never accounted for before. The evolutionary potentiality of AI will gather digitized data not just from medical practices, tests results, image […]